Hand Sanitiser - The Gospel Whiskey Wash

Hand Sanitiser - The Gospel Whiskey Wash

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Minimum order of 4
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We have released an additional 2000 units today (27th of March)

This will be the last of the stock available to the public - we are diverting all future production to essential services on the front lines and in the line of fire

Help us support the Melbourne hospitality community that has been devastated by the shutdown in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be donating all profit from sales of our hand sanitiser to charitable organizations supporting local hospitality staff members out of work.

Our hand sanitiser is produced at our Melbourne distillery using our own high grade ethanol and is made in accordance with the World Health Organisation guidelines.

100mL. Not for consumption. Final product to be 75%-80% Alc/Vol and Lab tested.

Cost Breakdown:

Production cost (materials, processing, labour)  $2.15 per unit
Charity Donation  $3.30 per unit
Tax  $0.55 per unit
TOTAL  $6.00 per unit


Expected ship date Wednesday 2nd of April