The Gospel - Solera Rye, 700mL 42.5%

The Gospel - Solera Rye, 700mL 42.5%

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Made using 100% Australian grown rye sourced from a single farm in the Murray Mallee region of South Australia, The Gospel Solera Rye carries a depth of flavour that speaks to the land from which the grain was grown.

Utilising ancient technology that for centuries has been used to mature sherry, port, and even beer, The Gospel Solera Rye is aged in a two-story tall bespoke solera system of new American oak and Australian natural wine barrels providing a distinctly flavourful spirit that can be used in all your classic whiskey cocktails. Try it in an Old Fashioned!

Flavour notes: Caramel and cooking spice on the nose, with creme caramel followed by sweet oak and stone fruit on the palate.

Supporting Australian farmers.